COLLECTION RIMON does painting and frame restoration works on any kind of material.

Artworks are very sensitive as time goes by, dampness, temperature changes, the light or the pollution. The elements allow the appearance of fungus or damp stains, lost or color changes.

At COLLECTION RIMON we work to stop the pieces from deterioration and give them the original look or condition, following our minimum intervention criteria, with in the artwork conservation and consolidation. The main goal is to make interventions respecting the piece characteristics and his historic, aesthetic, social and cultural values, making sure about the original authenticity and integrity.

Our work team is formed by History and Cultural Assets Conservation and Restoration Graduates specialized in sculpture, painting, archaeology, and preventive conservation. Throughout our professional trajectory has taken us to qualify and develop furniture, antiques, fabrics (rugs, carpets) and antique document restoration works, placing the conservation before the restoration.

We respect the assets and use only homogeneous, compatible, and natural materials to avoid additional damage.


We use traditional techniques depending the piece period, also stable and reversible materials.
Additionally, we have qualified professionals specialized in the Valuation and appraisal of the artistic assets by the “Enterprise Association of Judicial Valuation and Expert Report “. So, you can also have our experts to give you the proper quote for your piece of art.

We help you find the artworks you need

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