About us

“The mirrors are used to see the face, the art to see the soul”

– George Bernand Shaw

Since 2000, COLLECTION RIMON has been recruiting young artists whose career and reputation has been consolidated over the years, giving them the opportunity to join the global art market.

Josef Rimon has been the visionary founder of this professional art gallery which, located on Marbella’s Golden Mile, showcases works by both the emerging and the established artist.

The gallery has two exhibition floors and shows works by more than 40 artists that include the latest trends in art and a variety of techniques, according to its way of understanding art from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes painting, sculpture, collage, graphic work, gecleè prints, photography etc.

The gallery has extensive experience in projects for restaurants, offices, hotels, villa decoration, etc., its priority being to offer a quality service adjusted to the budget of each client.

Meet our team. We will be happy to help you.


Decorative art specialists

COLLECTION RIMON is a meeting point among friends and professionals of art and decoration.

We have extensive experience in both the theoretical and practical aspects, knowing first-hand the needs of each space as well as the appropriate piece and the type of framing necessary in order the artwork doesn´t loses value and revalues any ambience.

Josef Rimon

Josef Rimon has been related to the art market for the last 20 years; His ability to work closely with artists as well as their clients has been the foundation of COLLECTION RIMON’s success.

In his words: “art is a pleasure for the gaze and whoever visits a gallery should experience this feeling.
Photography by David Tom

Juan Becerra
Workshop manager

He is in love with art, decoration and framing. With more than 25 years of experience in the sector, he considers himself a lucky person who fulfils every day his dream of being able to work on what he is passionate about.

Juan has that special sensitivity that many artists possess. Very creative, he is able to understand the work at a glance and know its needs quickly. Choosing the type of frame, its material and the tonality or the most appropriate finish depending on the room where the work is to be exhibited are just some of his great skills.


Regardless of the borders...