"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul"

(Wassily Kandinsky)

"Treat a work of art like a prince: let it speak to you first."

Arthur Schopenhauer


COLLECTION RIMON, since 2.000, has been presenting young artists whose reputation has become consolidated over the years to provide them with opportunities entering the global art market .

Joseph Rimon was a visionary who founded the gallery on the principle that all artists benefit from having their artwork promoted by a professional gallery. Located in the Milla de Oro in Marbella, the gallery is frequented by art lovers looking to find and buy original artwork.

Collection Rimon exhibits emerging and already stablished artists, mostly national though some international as well, and the latest art trends, understanding art from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes painting, sculpture, collage, limited series engraving pieces, photography, etc.

The works of over 40 artists are permanently available to the public in our two floor showroom where you can find from oil on canvas works of emerging artists to well known artists Works.

At Collection Rimon, we also provide a variety of professional framing options, from economical poster framing to museum quality framing. Although archival framing is our main focus, we pride ourselves on our ability to frame anything from your everyday poster to valuable sports memorabilia. There’s no limit to what we are capable of framing on the best affordable prices !

Glass is a key component in all framing. Not only does it show off the art, it is critical to conserving the art. We offer clear glass, reflection control glass, and museum glass with 99% UV block.

Having worked for the last 20 years, we’re the premier source of all picture framing and custom framing for your needs. Whatever your option is from Picture framing, custom framing, art and framing, jersey, shadow box, military medal, poster, 3D, specialty, archival, family portrait, sports memorabilia framing and many more including Original oil paintings, you just name it and let our team of experts help you the best way to showcase your most memorable and important pictures, photographs and paintings.

Our experts are here to help you from start to finish in picking the best matboard and framing combination. We also deal in Box framing along with picture framing that will turn your memoribilia into elegant artwork that you can proudly display in your home or office.

In short, We have years of experience in decorating homes and offices with Art that not only meets our client’s requirement but also their budget.

We care for your needs and focus on quality rather then quantity.

"Satisfaction is Guaranteed”

Visitor Information

If you’re an art lover visiting Marbella, you won’t want to miss the experience of exploring the Milla de Oro, where you can find us. Collection Rimon Gallery is a great example of a gallery that showcases the variety and skill present in contemporary art – so be sure to visit Collection Rimon during your time in Marbella, Málaga! In its spacious street level space, Collection Rimon exhibits a range of mediums, styles and subjects – so you're bound to find original fine art that speaks to you.

Gallery Hours:
Monday -Friday  10.30am – 6.30pm.
Saturdays 10 am - 2.30 pm.

We are also available by appointment for visits out of Schedule, we´re mobile. We can consult at your place or ours.

Mobile: +34 660 019 581

Meet Our Experts

Need an expert opinion? Get to know our staff of art experts who make COLLECTION RIMON the friendly, professional place that it is. Our dedicated staff works to ensure that all the details of an artist’s representation are handled efficiently, from shipping artwork to the many kinds of artist promotion in which the gallery is involved. Drawing on both theoretical and practical knowledge of art, and on their considerable experience of the contemporary art world, each staff member strives to combine their skills to ensure that artists and collectors always experience the gallery at its best.

Josef Rimon

Josef Rimon


Josef Rimon brings to Collection Rimon over 20 years of experience in the art market; his ability to work closely with artists and clients has been the foundation of the success of Collection Rimon Gallery. - 'Art is pleasure for the eye and visiting a Gallery should reflect this. When people visit Collection Rimon I want them to feel both relaxed by our friendly approach and excited by the work on display'

Jose Maria Gonzalez

José María González "Txema"

Gallery Manager, Interior Designer and art expert

José María has more than 20 years in the interior design industry and in the art market, he has taken on important design projects both in Spain and Europe. He works closely with his customers to ensure that they get what they want. Whether you want your home or your working space redesigned, he can fulfill all your requirements. His main aim is to create not only an athmosphere full of taste to inspire you but also to create an environment that is pleasing to the eye choosing the right art pieces. He will assist you with suitable custom framing combinations, to suit the subject you wish to frame with the best possible style and colour choice to suit your decor and Budget. - 'Whatever your budget and interior style one thing that always helps is a little expert advice, " My best advice is to create and embrace your own authentic style, in this philosophy I always tell my clients - don´t worry about what others will think. Design the room the way you want. Surround yourself with things that make you happy"

Custom Framing Team

Picture Framing

Our specialized Custom Framing Team. Our staff are here to provide you with Professional service in all facets of Picture Framing. Whether it's one frame or 100 we deliver on time. All framing work is completed on the premises by our experienced picture framers.

We love nothing more than to talk to our customers.


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